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Even as little as a few years ago Discovery used to be only about the legal team, the lawyers and paralegals. The technical people behind the lawyers, whether in litigation support, practice support, IT or outside consultants, were always behind the lawyers and behind the scenes.  That has changed dramatically and will continue to change as we move forward to statewide rules that will mimic the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure that are already in effect.  Courts are now expecting attorneys to understand their clients’ IT systems and to take an active role in their clients’ efforts at preserving and collecting electronic documents.  Attorneys can no longer hide behind a veil of technical ignorance for protection. 

Moreover, there is only “one bite at the apple” in electronic discovery. Data that is not properly preserved and collected, but instead deleted, could later lead to sanctions and embarrassing defeat if the judge orders that data to be produced.  Jet Legal Technologies combines software, experts, and best practices to help corporations and their law firms establish standardized electronic discovery solutions and plans that reduce the risk, complexity and cost of litigation, regulatory requests, and internal investigations.  Jet helps you take the complexity out of E-discovery by helping you determine what is discoverable, what is relevant, and where exactly is the smoking gun.

Jet Legal E-Discovery

Jet Legal Technologies is a certified representative of masterDOX. masterDOX is a fully searchable web-based document depository and case management system capable of searching millions of documents in seconds to find the 5% that are germane to the outcome of the litigation at a cost dramatically lower than any other technology.

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